Manage route tables and Network Security Groups in Azure with Bicep and Azure DevOps pipelines

Martin Therkelsen/ November 20, 2021/ Automation, Azure, DevOps, Microsoft/ 3 comments

IntroIn this blog post, I want to show you how to maintain route tables and network security group (NSG) configurations in Azure using Azure DevOps and pipelines. I have already written a post on the NSG part, but I have updated a few things since then, so I want to show that in this post. You can find all the

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Azure Virtual Network Manager

Martin Therkelsen/ November 13, 2021/ Automation, Azure, Microsoft/ 0 comments

IntroIn this post, I will guide you through creating an Azure Virtual Network Manager preview (VNM) and describe what the service can do for you. The service is still in preview when writing this post, so please do not deploy any of this into your production environment. VNM will enable central management of connectivity and security policies across regions and

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Windows 365 – Custom images

Martin Therkelsen/ October 21, 2021/ Azure, Microsoft/ 1 comments

IntroIn this blog post, I want to show you how easy it is to create a custom image in Azure and use it inside your Windows 365 machines. The process is simple, and hopefully, this guide will help you get started with the basics. And after that, you can start automating all the steps if you want to. SetupI first

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Windows 365 – How to get started

Martin Therkelsen/ October 20, 2021/ Azure, Microsoft/ 1 comments

IntroIn this post, I want to guide you through the initial setup of Windows 365 (W365) from Microsoft. W365 is also known as Cloud PC and is the new desktop in the Cloud that Microsoft delivers. There are two flavors of W365, a business and an enterprise edition. The business edition will be a standard alone machine with no network

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Getting started with GitHub Actions and Bicep – Part 5

Martin Therkelsen/ June 30, 2021/ Automation, Azure, Citrix, DevOps, Microsoft/ 0 comments

In this part of the series, I will create two virtual machines and join them in my on-premises domain. These machines will be Citrix Cloud Connectors that will serve my Citrix environment with a new resource location in Azure. The Cloud Connectors will be deployed in an Azure Availability Set to ensure high availability. Source code can be found on

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