Getting started with Azure and Terraform – Part 1

Martin Therkelsen/ May 3, 2021/ Automation, Azure, Citrix, DevOps, Microsoft/ 4 comments

In this series, I want to go through deploying a complete infrastructure in Azure using Terraform. My goal is to create a virtual network, network security groups, VPN to on-premises, a couple of virtual machines with Citrix Cloud connector installed on them. I am learning this myself as I go through this series, so if anyone reading this has some

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Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop service 2020 review

Martin Therkelsen/ January 16, 2021/ Citrix/ 0 comments

In this post, I want to provide an overview of Citrix’s enhancements to their Virtual Apps and Desktops Cloud service (CVADS) through 2020 that I feel is significant. Citrix introduced vertical load balancing in January, meaning that each Virtual Apps VM will be filled to max load before the next VM is used. This ensures that the cost customers might

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