Azure DevOps Boards integration with Microsoft Teams

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Building on my last article on integrating Azure DevOps into Microsoft Teams, I want to show you how to incorporate dashboards and kanban boards. The integrations can be helpful when co-workers might not be inside Azure DevOps every day but are using Teams. Some of the integration can also provide co-workers/users the ability to create bug reports without having them inside your Azure DevOps environment. This article will add two dashboards and one kanban board into a Microsoft Teams channel. Let us get started.

Azure DevOps dashboard

In my Azure DevOps, I have two dashboards and a kanban board. I can find the dashboards under “Overview” and “Dashboards.” My first dashboard is a team dashboard with an overview of most of my projects. I have added a picture below to illustrate.

I will show both dashboards later in this article.

Create Microsoft Teams channel

First, I want to create a new channel for my dashboards. I create one by clicking on the “…” next to the team name and then “Add channel.”

I provide a name for my channel, in this case, “DevOps - Dashboards and kanban,” and click on “Add.”

Now, I have the team created, and I can click on “Apps.”

I will search for “Azure DevOps” and click on the Azure DevOps tile in the results pane.

Next, I click on the small down arrow next to the “Open” button and select “Add to team.”

I start typing the name of my channel and select the new channel I created previously.

The guide then asks for an Azure DevOps organization, so I click on “Select organization.”

I select my account to sign in.

I select the correct DevOps organization. On this user, I only have access to one organization.

I now choose between adding a dashboard or a kanban board. I will select “Add a Dashboard” and select the properties in the dropdown boxes.

Now, I have my dashboard added to Microsoft Teams, and I can interact with the items as if I was in Azure DevOps.

I can add my second dashboard the same way. I use this dashboard to create new tasks in my Azure DevOps project and have an overview of the assignments I have.

Adding a kanban board

I can add a Kanban board the same way I do the dashboards. When I have added a kanban board, it looks like the image below.


In this article, I went through integrating dashboards and kanban boards into Microsoft Teams. I like this integration since many users, internally and with customers, use teams daily but might not use Azure DevOps daily. The elements provided inside Teams extend the reach and possibilities of Azure DevOps inside organizations. Suppose a project uses Azure DevOps and development and project management tool. In that case, it can now ask a user to test the product and provide feedback using the team’s integration.

I hope this post is helpful.