Blog moved to Hugo and Azure

After being annoyed with WordPress, I decided to try something new. This week I looked at alternatives to WordPress, and going back and forth, I ended up with Hugo and Azure Static Web Apps as the solution. It is a very cheap solution, but also very powerful. I can use VS Code for writing blogs, and when I commit my code to GitHub, it will use a GitHub action to publish the changes to Azure Static Web Apps.

With Hugo, I can run a command on my pc and have a local website running to review any changes before pushing the code to GitHub. I feel this is very easy and handy, although I still need to get a few items under control.

The conversion from WordPress to Hugo went pretty smooth, but I did have to go through all my posts and correct image paths and ensure that code blogs were accurate. Much of my code blogs had multiple \ inserted. Since it is an escape character, I mostly wonder why it was not all code blocks instead of some. I believe that I have gotten all the code fixed, but if you see any issues or strange things in posts, I would appreciate it if you let me know so I can fix them.

I hope this new platform will enable me to create posts easily and fast while still easy to read for all of you. The primary purpose of my blog is to inform, so I haven’t put a lot of effort into the site’s looks, but I do like that it is clean and fast.

If you have any feedback, reach out to me, you can find me on social media via the links at the bottom of every page.