Intro Lately, I have been looking at Azure dashboards to provide a quick overview of services running in Azure. In this post, I want to show you how to create a dashboard showing the state of virtual machines, S2S VPN connections, and network peerings. Azure Resource Graph Explorer (RGE) The base for the dashboards in...Read More
After being annoyed with WordPress, I decided to try something new. This week I looked at alternatives to WordPress, and going back and forth, I ended up with Hugo and Azure Static Web Apps as the solution. It is a very cheap solution, but also very powerful. I can use VS Code for writing blogs, and when I commit my...Read More
2021 has been a busy year for me, but in a good way. January, I started in a new role as Cloud Solution Specialist with edgemo A/S. It was strange to start the new position with Covid-19 still going strong, but it worked out great with the team I joined. We did meet at the office the first two days, but it was pretty...Read More