In this part of the series, I will have a look at branches and pull requests. These two terms are essential to get familiar with since they are needed when working in teams on the code you are developing. I want to start with branches and what they are. The way I understand branches is that each time I need to work on...Read More
Hi all, In this part of the series, I want to focus on the build pipeline. In short, the build pipeline will provide the rest of your pipelines with artifacts. Artifacts can be files, folders, or compiled code, and in my case here, it will be PowerShell files. As you will see in the series, I also use Pester tests to...Read More
Hi all, In this last part of the blog series about Azure DevOps for the Ops consultant I want to show you how to create the release pipeline for Azure deployments. The release pipeline is where the code written gets into the environment where it is used. Normally the first release pipeline would push to the development...Read More