In this post, I want to provide an overview of Citrix’s enhancements to their Virtual Apps and Desktops Cloud service (CVADS) through 2020 that I feel is significant. Citrix introduced vertical load balancing in January, meaning that each Virtual Apps VM will be filled to max load before the next VM is used. This...Read More
If you have ever worked with Azure DevOps and Azure PowerShell, you most likely also banged your head into the wall trying to get the release pipeline to use the latest version. I have run into this a few times myself, and this time around, I choose to stick with it until I found a solution, and I did. Most times, the...Read More
Hi all, In this blog series, I want to take you through the process of setting up Azure DevOps and using source control to provision and maintain a virtual server environment in Microsoft Azure. The technique used here can just as well apply to any other cloud or on-premises environment. The reason I am putting...Read More